Major New Developments

Starting January 2003 Spies Magazine, and the whole spectrunm of Spies sites will be overhauled, and upgraded. We welcome new stories, photographs, and commentary.

Spies meets Cold War Leaders


The Spies team joined Ambassadors, military leaders, and retired diplomats at a reception hosted by the Romanian Embassy in Washington.

Here Gary Powers Jr, and Werner Juretzko are seen with Martin Butora, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Maj. Gen. Kera, and Martin Palous, Ambassador of the Czech Republic.

Behind the Iron Curtain

Werner has just returned from a trip around the former East German Wall, and will be writing about the border, the STASI and life under the old regime.


Gary Powers Jr. Joins Spies

garyp1.jpg (3312 bytes)

Gary Powers, Jr son of the famous U2 pilot, and founder of the Cold War Museum has joined the editorial staff of Spies. He is back from a tour of Prague, Berlin and Moscow.

Past Features

Opening of the International Spy Museum  Spies Magazine was the ONLY magazine invited to all the events, VIP parties and receptions. All others stood in the crowd and watched!

Behind the Scenes of LTN "Spies"  A look at the work involved in creating the LTN Spies programs, before the 9/11 attacks changed the leisure environment for ever.

Today's Intelligence, Yesterdays News A look at news gathering, broadcast, and the newly emerging Open Source Intelligence operations.

A Visit to iJet Intelligence Ops Alan Simpson tours the new Operations center of iJet, the travel intelligence operation, feeding hundreds of thousands of travelers with their latest information.

Zimmermann Telegram The intercepted communication from Germany to their Ambassador in Washington. The revelations caused America to finally join the Allies in their war against Germany.

The Spy in Your Pocket The dangers of businessmen carrying cellphones into meetings, and confidential briefings.

ECHELON - The Myth There is far too much hype, and conspiracy hysteria about the US spy satellite network, popularly known as ECHELON. Look at the technology, logistics and requirements of the claims.

CORONA One of a series of articles on the history of spy satellites. The CORONA project was the first, and laid the foundations for the current generation of spy, and resource mapping satellites.

Private Spies The new, and booming field of Corporate Intelligence now probably employs more than their government counterpart.

Secrets of Bletchley Park A look behind the scenes at Bletchley Park, from interviews with codebreakers who were there. One of the features from the reunion in September.

The Reagan Vision The USIA "WorldNet" project of President Reagan was to get over the message, without lies, misinformation, and the creation of fully staffed Department of Lies, in the Pentagon.


On Location

Many have contacted us asking why we do not throw up the mass of conspiracy theories, and wild speculation on Al Qaeda, MI6, CIA and who killed..........

The fact is that we have trained Intel Analysts and Investigative Reporters. Every story is researched, and with hundreds of high level contacts, built up over 30 years, we know who to ask.

We have listened to our audience, and will be loading many more of the 650,000 words in our digital archives, thousands of our own photographs, and a library of papers, and features.. More than all the other intelligence magazines combined!


Every month Alan Simpson hosts a meeting of leading espionage, adventure and mystery authors, and experts in Washington, DC known as Spies Cafe. (which happens to be the name of his themed dining and entertainment concept launched in the late 1980's. )

Usually hosted at the National Press Club, on a Saturday morning, they are free, but subject to invitation.

They explore historical events, identify successes and failures and highlight lessons learned. Or not!

Top international authors, journalists, experts, and intelligence officers meet, and give insights into real events. Not the sanitized versions found in books, by third party authors but eye witness accounts from people who were there.

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