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It is not about wine, it is about the freedom of trade within the United States. The unconstitutional situation with wine sales is a grave barrier against free trade, as specified in the US Constitution. It is abhorrent that an American is restricted by Prohibition leftovers from carrying out his legal trade, and profession.

But the Wine Wholesalers claim the present system works, and it's all about overproduction. They have created a working structure, and see a collapse of control of sales to minors. Who is right?

Alan Simpson will be hosting a number of televised panel discussions at the National Press Club, covering the hot topic of Internet Sales, and Direct Shipping of Wines.

The issue could make or break many producers, and either improve the choice of wine, suppliers, and distribution channels, or destroy them. It all depends on who you listen to in the wine industry.

US Wine Industry - Identity Crisis

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Join us again at the United Nations where senior executives from leading companies and organizations will explain and report on global ecommerce.

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The audience will include 1,000 leading business leaders, and  Diplomats from 130 Nations. Alan Simpson will be there promoting International Free Trade, and launching new initiatives from Vin TV the new international wine channel.

There is no charge to attend.On-line Registration at aitglobal.com or call Mike Lackey at 631-269-6713.

There are many awards for wine around the world. Most are given in grubby exhibition halls, on fold up tables with cheap table cloths. Most are there to extoll the virtues of the local vintage.

When we started to find a way of showcasing the very best around the world we realized that it was not the wine that should be honored, but the winemaker, the grower of the grape, the blender of the wine, the marketing genius behind the wine. Then there are the blenders of Whisky, the creator of a new Vodka, and the creator of the advertisement, or marketing campaign that created a whole new revolution in enjoyment.

The location of the first awards dinner will be in Washington, DC. Chosen as a neutral venue, but to show the Media, Congress and Administration that the industry does matter, and can create a media splash for the voters.

The first Awards are planned for 2004, or earlier if the global network of volunteers, judges etc. can be created, in time of war.

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