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Gala Opening of The International Spy Museum

Washington, DC

Top spies, spycatchers and celebrities, and a few fakes,  joined together in the black tie and red carpet opening of the International Spy Museum, in Washington, D.C. on Thursday July 18th, 2002. In true British tradition we arrived in the style of an International Man of Mystery. Well OK, Howard Tucker provided the Bentley, the penguin suit is mine.

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The Gala, besides celebrating one of the most exciting openings in Washington, brought together the best, famous, and infamous from the world of intelligence, espionage, Hollywood and politics. In a city, dubbed "Spy City" by the museum, it is hard to distinguish the difference. Alan Simpson greets KGB Major General Kalugin, with Cambridge University Prof. Christopher Andrews looking on:

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The museum is the dream of Milton Maltz, who after selling his media empire, dedicated himself to building the museum. It was seven years in planning, and was finally created as a for-profit museum, and attraction. The Gala was attended by many ex-CIA, and current CIA and Intelligence leaders. Stansfield Turner, CIA Director under President Carter, recounted being filmed at the same time as Alan Simpson for inclusion in the exhibits.

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Because of the number of spies, CIA, NRO, and NSA leaders present, media cameras were banned, and only trusted VIP guests allowed to shoot "discrete" photos. Many requested not to be identified, and one wore his own disguise.

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Alan Simpson, Prof. Christopher Andrews, and a "Spy"

Joining the "Spies Magazine" group was Mrs. Francis Gary Powers, wife of the famous U2 pilot, his son Gary Powers, jr., Werner Juretzko, the spy arrested and imprisoned by the Stasi, and his daughter Christine.

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Director of the new museum is 35 year CIA veteran Peter Earnest. Peter was one of the behind the scenes scientists who helped provide the Agency with the tools of their trade. Spies Magazine and the entire Spies team look forward to working with Peter to bring interactive experiences to the new attraction and museum.

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AFIO President Eugene Poteet (Association of Former Intelligence Officers)  one of the most highly respected intelligence experts in America shares a joke with Alan Simpson (Are you sure you two want to be photographed together?)

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The celebrations were not only attended by the best, and famous from the real world of espionage. Here Werner Juretzko, Alan Simpson and "Agent 99" Barbara Feldon discuss Get Smart! Smile Werner!!

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The Gala brought together many of us who, because of busy schedules rarely get the chance to talk about the world of espionage. Here Alan Simpson is caught discussing Herbert Yardley with David Kahn, the famous "Codebreakers" author.

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Joining us was Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State under President Clinton.  The etiquette of the occasion prevented me from discussing the issues with Clinton providing China with advance technology.

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In preparation for the Spies Cafe meeting at the National Press Club on Saturday 20th, July which covered the Stasi, and espionage in Berlin, Werner Jeretzko discussed the meeting with John Koehler, the expert author of the best-selling book on the Stasi.

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We would like to express our congratulations to the International Spy Museum, and Milton for inviting us to be part of the museum exhibits, and join in the outstanding celebrations at the opening.

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