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End of Spies Programs

For the past five years the Spies programs have given thousands an insight into the world of espionage, both real and fictitious.

To meet the demands of the audiences, sponsors and advertisers, we have to closely examine the work load of our new studios on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The huge interest and demand for our Chef's programs, workshops and demonstrations has forced us to curtail many of the other programs we created.

If demand changes the Spies Programs will return.


The spirit of Secret Agents and espionage is not lost for the themed dining experience Spies Cafe is off the back burner and moving forward.

Surrounded by mystery, intrigue and suspense the visions of a bygone era drift by.

Spies Cafe has brought many speakers and workshops to Washington DC, and as the audience needs change, the nostalgia grows.


Over a half million people have inquired about the new Chef's Studio project on the Eastern Shore of The Chesapeake Bay since it was announced in October 2003. This permanent home will grow into a family attraction featuring the very best in food, wine and entertaining.

The studios offer cooking and entertaining classes as well as demonstrations, and tapings for Chef's TV, and Weekend Chef. As more studios are added visitors will be able to experience multiple pavilions and tapings dedicated to learning more about food, beverages and our diet.

For more information visit Chef's Studio.

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